lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

;) perfiles en desarrollo :D

Of course! this is my no-name 'angel'
the great thing is...
that I'm getting better and better!
in a very short time!

I and always, do draws like this
to devenlope my artistic side
!! WUU
hope you like it
Coming up...
see ya'

And...well...i re
ally don't know how is this pic...(really)
but i think is fine...
i end this five minutes
if i see a 'something' that i don't like,
i will upload this again, without it..

(this is the...em...8th change of the pic
i think now is right!)


3 comentarios:

  1. Duh!!! I can't say something when I look at that...
    I'm so surprised, you improve more and more in a shortly time! JUst wow...
    And, well, I wish that guy can exist here!! He's just... amazing!... O.o!!
    and the other guy, that with a wing, is a wonderful boy.
    WEll... en realidad todo ya te lo he dicho antes.
    and you're beside me!(forget that ¬¬)
    nothin' to say...

  2. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like angels so much... I have thousand of them.
    If you like, I'll can send you one...

    And... this is my blog, but I use it like a diary... is funny sometimes, but now is sad.

    Take care, I like so much your draws 'n I'll be waiting for more!



  3. And I love the fishes! Awww they are so cute and they follow meeee (L) xD